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HWY 59 Harvest Distillate Dabber

HWY 59 Harvest Distillate Dabber


THC 90%  CBD 0.2%

Competitively priced and purposefully designed for dabbing with no mess and ultra-convenience. HWY 59’s Harvest Dabs has a light fruity aroma with moderate strawberry notes and a light airy aftertaste. Perfect for morning sessions to start the day. Each click of the dispenser conveniently dispenses a dab roughly the size of half a grain of rice.


HWY 59 uses premium cannabis distillate and natural terpenes. All of HWY 59’s vaporization offerings are lightly golden in color, have excellent clarity, and come in a compact child resistant tube that fits perfectly in a pocket. All of HWY 59’s products are free of carrier fluids, cutting agents, and artificial flavorings.

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