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Lilac Diesel 3x0.5g

Lilac Diesel 3x0.5g


THC: 18-19%

CBD: <2%


The second entry from Manitoba's own Prairie Trichomes comes from world class breeder Ethos Genetics and was pheno-hunted by Mother Labs.


With an unusually high terpinolene content, Lilac Diesel is not your typical diesel genetic. As the name would imply, it has quite a strong floral aroma and flavor with undertones of fuel, funk and sweetness. Producing high yields of delicious, colourful, chunky flowers known for an extremely uplifting and cerebral effect,

Over 2.7% Total Terpene Content including a whopping +1% Terpinolene, rounded out with beta-Ocimene, beta-Myrcene, alpha-Cedrene and d-Limonene.

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